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Transport yourself to the vast plains of the Serengeti with our Twilight Safari Collection. Roam the animal kingdom on safari and spot the Big Five in our incredible designs. The entire collection captures the animal kingdom in all of its glory with detailed silhouette images of giraffes, lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos and more! Printed onto adorable scorable the graduating warm colours of sunset romantically depict the blazing twilight of the savannah. Enrapture every animal lover with this enchanting collection!

Acetate is so versatile; you can create wholly unique and amazing cards to use alongside your Topper or Card Collection - extending the creative potential of your card kits. The Twilight Safari acetate features a stunning selection of foiled imagery which perfectly co-ordinates with the entire collection, but it can also be used with other collections. The pack contains 16 sheets of Midnight Black foiled acetate in 4 different designs featuring: silhouettes of trees, Aztec borders, and zebra and leopard animal prints.

Our show-stopping foiled acetate is one of their best-selling products as it’s so easy to use, and yet can transform your cards into masterpieces. The versatility of acetate means it is an essential addition to any crafter’s supply, as it can be used in so many ways, and on many different projects!

You can make pretty windows on cards, make sensational shaker cards (by putting glitter, beads or other materials behind a window of acetate on the front of a card that can you shake!), use as a stunning front of your card, to stamp on, to use small strips behind toppers to make them pop up, and so much more.

Twilight Safari Luxury Foiled Acetate

  • Includes 16 sheets of Black Foiled Acetate
  • Perfect for using to make aperture windows, overlays, backgrounds and more
  • Features wonderful co-orindating artwork from the Twilight Collection
  • Heavyweight 220micron acetate perfect for construction work
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