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How did Victorians decorate their homes for Christmas?


Victorians decorated their fresh-cut evergreen trees with beads, tinsel, paper ornaments and jeweled baubles. Despite the Victorians' affection for live greenery, artificial Christmas trees were also a common element of holiday decor.

These 6 -1/2 ounce jars of glitter are reminiscent of the colors used in the Victorian times.

Softer colors of Pink (Victoria), Silver (North Star) , Blue (Dusty Blue), Gold (Brass), Purple (Heather) and Green (Cavalado).  Includes a Fine Writing Metal Tip, Glitter Spoon, 2 oz  Bottle of our Designer Dries Clear Adhesive, Pee Wee Vial in a complimentary color,  2 Noodgers,  1 Cloth, Christmas Transparency to decorate and Instruction Sheet. 


$52.00 Regular Price
$44.95Sale Price
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