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Make your wishes come true with the Eastern Wishes Collection! This range features a fantastic ornate feel and style throughout within the beautiful imagery. The main artwork includes popular florals, beautiful birds and butterflies, pretty lanterns and more, appealing to a wide audience of all ages.

Eastern Wishes Printed Parchment will add a touch of luxury to your crafting projects. The sublime colours and reaction to light that parchment gives makes it a firm favourite material for Crafters worldwide.

The Eastern Wishes Printed Parchment features eight beautiful patterns including: clouds on a blue background, full background filled with pink roses, full background filled with peacock feathers, two full floral backgrounds, full background filled with lanterns, full background filled with butterflies and floral elements, and a full blue background adorned with faint swirls.

This set features stunning pinks, blues, greens and reds throughout adding a beautiful touch of colour to your creations.

Parchment is one of the most versatile mediums and a joy to work with, as you can fold it, tear it, ink it, punch it, die-cut it, use it for inserts and wraps, create borders, frames and ribbon strips, paper rosettes and flowers and so much more! You could also use it as a background or place it in an aperture where it’ll shine light through the material and change how the colours and details look.

Our parchment is printed on heavyweight 120gsm so will stand firm and is perfect for cutting into. There are eight wonderful designs and 2 of each sheet so you’ll get plenty out of it.

Eastern Wishes Printed Parchment

  • Includes 16 heavyweight parchment sheets
  • Features 8 different designs, 2 of each
  • Beautiful textured patterns inspired from the Eastern Wishes Collection
  • Perfect for apertures, adding to backgrounds, distressing for decoration and more
  • Ink & stamp directly onto!
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