Make your wishes come true with the Eastern Wishes Collection. This collection features a fantastic ornate feel and style throughout within the beautiful artwork and imagery. The main artwork features popular florals, beautiful birds and butterflies, pretty lanterns and more, appealing to a wide audience of all ages.

The Eastern Wishes Screen Shaped Card Blanks features 24 Screen Shaped Card Blanks and Envelopes, (2 designs x 12 of each) for just £9.99. 

They are perfect for inking, stamping, covering in papers and so much more, these screen-shaped cardblanks compliment the Oriental theme of the Eastern Wishes range. Team these with toppers, cardstock, background papers, inserts and of course our favourite little books to make your kits go on forever, whilst still making beautiful cards and projects.

They are manufactured in Ink Me! cardstock so that they can be shaded or coloured with ink pads, used as the basis for stamps, covered in papers, these heavyweight card blanks will stand straight and true.

Eastern Wishes Screen Shaped Card Blanks

  • Contains 24 screen shaped card blanks, 2 designs, 12 of each
  • Cut from Ink! Me cardstock perfect for inking & stamping onto
  • Includes co-ordinating envelopes
  • Compliments the Eastern Wishes Collection