Our ‘Fairytale Book – Moonstone Cutting Die’ is the perfect magical addition to your craft room. Taking inspiration from our favourite childhood storybooks, this die-set creates a stunning keepsake Fairytale Book with an opening front cover that reveals a pretty frame. Additional dies included allow you to embellish the book with floral corners, borders and a frame and add a selection of sentiments!

The book has been designed alongside our ‘Welcome to Fairyland Designer Deco-Large’ which looks stunning inside the dimensional frame and is so well suited to the Fairytale style. The frame has been given the perfect amount of depth to cater to even the most layered Deco-Large!

The frame may also be used to house your own pictures, photos or text and may be coloured or embellished however you wish. With our ‘Fairytale Book – Moonstone Cutting Die’ the crafting possibilities truly are endless!

Largest Die Size: 105mm x 150mm

Fairytale Book

  • Includes 14 individual cutting dies
  • Creates a stunning Fairytale Book keepsake that you can display pictures in
  • Ideal for use with Welcome to Fairyland Designer Deco-Large
  • Easily personalised by colouring or embellishing how you desire!