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Flower Shaping Essentials makes it simple to create breathtaking paper flowers for your cards and crafting projects. Three interchangeable nibs make it super easy to create all the flowers your imagination desires. All the basic crafting essentials you need to get started creating gorgeous, handmade flowers for your next crafty project are contained in this kit.

"If you want to create any 3D flowers, it's a must have. It makes it so much easier and the flowers look so real and simply amazing." -Morgan Vogt

"I wouldn't know what to do with out my Flower making kit. It is my number one tool for making flowers." -Leslie L. Loutit

"Heartfelt Creations cards are amazing... fabulous stamps, dies and the best ever flowers using the shaping kit. Also the paper pads are many with fabulous prints for all occasions." -Bev Code

This Heartfelt Creations Flower Shaping Essentials kit is designed to work with all Heartfelt Creations floral stamps and dies. 

Flower Shaping Essentials


Kit Components and Approx. Sizes:
1. Cushion Grip Stylus: 4.5" x 1.5"
2. Molding Mat: 5" x 5"
3. 2mm tip
4. 4mm tip
5. 6mm tip

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