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Unlock the beauty of nature with the Animal Kingdom Collection! This gorgeous range features a fantastic realistic feel and contemporary style throughout within the gorgeous imagery. The main artwork features a variety of beautiful animal artwork including pandas, swans, tigers, peacocks, zebras, elephants, whales, dolphins, dragonflies, horses, bears and much more, adorned with stunning vibrant colours appealing to a wide audience of all ages.

Love Conquers All Luxury Topper Set

Create beautifully loving cards and projects with the Love Conquers All Luxury Topper Set. This enchanting topper set features incredibly detailed artwork of frogs, dragonflies and swans enjoying their life in the pond. Stunning colours include hints of rich purple, greens teal and gold. The rich gold foiling and coloured frames complement the artwork beautifully. The sentiments cover themes such as thinking of you, wedding and more that read; ‘Have Fun on Your Big Day’, ‘Love Conquers All’, and ‘Thinking of You’.

The printed cardstock features a lovely lily pad top and bottom border, a green background and frogs from the main artwork. The foiled cardstock features gorgeous painted glass style borders, ocean blue backgrounds and beautiful swans from the main artwork.

The artwork is adorned with incredible gold foil which really stands out against the vibrant, colourful palette of greens, ocean blues, coral, purple, beige, gold and earthy brown. This lovely colour mix truly complements and enhances the stunning designs. The touches of specially chosen colours really set the artwork alive and the gold foil sings glamour and luxury. The Animal Kingdom Collection will make your cards and projects effortlessly magical.

Love Conquers Luxury Topper Set

  • Includes a foiled & die-cut Topper sheet, foiled cardstock & printed cardstock sheet
  • Features beautiful swans, delicate dragonflies and frogs
  • Semi-realistic painted art style
  • Gorgeous Rich Gold foiling throughout
  • Makes at least 2 cards
  • Covers a variety of occasions from Birthdays, Thinking of You and more
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