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Mirri Mats are the best reflective board on the market place with a sensational shine, which you can now get to co-ordinate with our fantastic DL Paper Pads.

These Mirri Mats are just slightly larger than the images in the DL Paper Pads, making them the ideal size to matt and layer with them.

This pack contains 120 DL Silver Mirri Mats, they are all pre-scored so you can just pop out and use right away!

The stunning shimmer you get when the Mirri Mats catch the light makes your cards look effortlessly beautiful, so this is the perfect addition to your collection to your cards and projects the touch of luxury they deserve!

Mirri Mats - DL - Silver

  • Contains 120 x Silver DL Mirri Mats
  • Amazing reflective shine
  • Perfect for matting and layering
  • Sized to fit the new DL Paper Pads
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