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Create your own personalised wolf pack with the Wolves of the Woods Topper Set. This set features jaw dropping imagery that stands out against mystical backgrounds including a family of wolves in the forest and a wolf pack standing guard in an icy realm under the glowing midnight sky. Beautiful gold foiled borders envelope the artwork and the colours of the Aurora Borealis really add to the allure of the fantastical scenes. This set also includes a range of sentiments that read: ‘There is no Greater Bond than Family’, ‘Leader of the Pack’, Sending Love and Best Wishes’, ‘Whatever you do let it be Full of Wonder’ and ‘ Hope you have the most fantastic Birthday’.

The stars and planets of the night sky illuminate the first cardstock design, along with the most beautiful image of a wolf's face which dominates the right hand side. The second cardstock features a bright forest nestled by mountains, trees, wildlife and a huge sun that floods the scene with light.

Printed on industry-leading Mirri Board as part of our Mirri Magic range, Land of Enchantment features various levels of shine and reflection within the artwork using clever design techniques, complimenting the magical theme perfectly as you venture into this wonderland realm. 

The Wolves of the Woods Mirri Magic Topper Set

  • Contains a die-cut Mirri Magic Topper sheet and 2 Mirri Magic printed cardstock sheets
  • Features beautiful wolves in stunning landscapes
  • Printed onto our stunning, shimmering Mirri
  • Perfect for Birthday cards, Father's Day and more
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